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The Heat is Definitely on for Chile

The last day of the Kite-XTreme Brazil 2008 freestyle competition in Piaui, Brazil couldn't be more exciting. The double finals were full of surprises and an upset win.
The day started with warm weather, clear sunny sky and a lot of wind averaging 20 knots from the east. The temperature rose to 36 Celsius along with the intensity in the competition area and the cheering crowd at the beach. With the wind back with its full force today, the guys rigged their 7 to 9 meter kites while the women were on their 5 to 7's. Along with the wind was also a larger shore break and swell which the riders had to deal with in trying to land their tricks.
The women started the day's events going into the third round of the doubles. Susi Mai (Cabrinha, GER) won against local girl Carol Homsi in the first heat of the day. Despite Homsi's butt-checked handle pass, Mai had enough variety and technical score to win the heat.
Bruna Kajiya PKRA Brazil
Joanna Litwin (Nobile, POL) continued her winning streak from yesterday's events, defeating Jo Wilson (Naish, GBR) in the same heat with a blind judge, slim and s-bend to blind for a higher technical difficulty score. She then proceeded to knock down Mai in the 15th heat with a slim and blind judge, winning over a higher technical difficulty score with air passes yet again. In the 16th heat, Litwin also overpowered Tour regular Angela Peral (North, ESP) with another slim, blind judge and a 313, again winning via a higher technical difficulty score for her air passes.
In the 17th heat, Litwin went up against countrymate Karolina Winkowska (Naish), also defeating her with a slim, 313 and blind judge against Winkowska's blind judge, raley to wrapped and raley to blind. Litwin won again for her air pass.
It took a Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, ESP) to stop the Litwin charge in the 18th heat. Only after Litwin crashed heavily thereby knocking the air out of her which required a little medical assistance, but not before landing a 313 and raley to blind. Pulido on the other hand, landed a slim, 313, mobe 5, blind judge, s-bend to blind and front mobe, winning via a higher technical difficulty score.
The final was a storming heat between Bruna Kajiya (Best, BRA) and Pulido. The Brazilian bet gave the crowd an exciting finale and Pulido a run for her money. Kajiya landed a blind judge, s-bend to blind, back to blind air pass, blind judge, front side 3, 313 and non-inverted slim. Pulido equally gave all her might in this event, landing a blind judge, slim, 313 and front mobe but crashed several mobe attempts, which gave the win to Kajiya for more technical tricks and powered moves. Congratulations to Bruna Kajiya for winning the freestyle title.
Evandro Da Silva PKRA Brazil
The men's division was an even more exciting event as local kiteboarder Evandro Da Silva was like a charging bull, climbing from the bottom of the competition ladder to the podium, taking second place overall. Da Silva went from zero to hero in a matter of few heats, defeating the likes of Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) and a few other big names on the PKRA list.
In the first of many text book regular and switch displays from Da Silva, the Brazilian kiteboarder threw down seven regular and switch moves plus a mobe to wrapped and an s-bend to blind to beat the Dominican champion Ariel Corniel (EH) in heat #30. In the next heat, Mikael Blomvall (Nobile, SWE) became the next rider to succumb to the riding power of the Brazilian bet, loosing via the technical side. Da Silva landed several switch moves (slim, kgb, front mobe, mobe, kiteloop handle pass, kiteloop slim, s-bend to blind) plus a blind judge against Blomvall's regular and switch moves (mobe, slim, shifty 3, blind judge, front mobe) and a back to blind air pass. The same story went on in the 32nd heat against countryman Tomas Teixera (RRD) and against Alex Pastor (Naish, ESP) in heat #33. Pastor landed a mobe 7 but crashed a kiteloop 7 and a front mobe 5. Da Silva won both heats via a higher technical difficulty score and cleaner execution.
The 34th heat became somewhat the mega-heat of the day and the climax of the event. In a twist of bad luck, Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) struggled in the condition going for double passes to gain the advantage, landing a front mobe 5 but crashing a mobe 7 and kiteloop 7 and not making the second pass on a 313-7. Da Silva went on to land six huge regular and switch moves for a convincing 5-0 win with a higher technical difficulty score and trick variation. Langeree settled for third place overall.
Aaron Hadlow PKRA Brazil
The final heat between Da Silva and current world title holder Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, GBR) was somewhat an anti-climax as the Brazilian rider crashed heavily during the heat and popped his chicken loop release. Still attached to his kite via the 5th line, Da Silva lost several minutes drifting in trying to reset the release. His caddy had another kite ready but since he was still in the competition area, he could only watch at the sideline. By the time Da Silva had drifted close enough, the chicken loop was back together and he was ready to go. Da Silva managed a regular and switch slim, blind judge with aerial handle pass and a mobe 5. Hadlow took the event win and his first Brazilian event title, landing a regular and switch slim/hasselhoff/mobe/back to blind air pass, a kiteloop non-inverted slim 5, 313, blind judge with air pass, s-bend to blind air pass, front mobe to blind and a backside 360.
Congratulations to Aaron Hadlow for winning the Brazilian Tour stop and his first ever Brazilian event title.
Catch up with all the latest movements of the PKRA tour at the official website: www.kiteworldtour.com
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