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Hadlow in-season

Aaron HadlowAaron on home turf Aaron Hadlow dropped into the office this week. He's been in Brighton putting some hard time in the office with the guys at Fatsand. It can be tough as a world champion to take care of the corporate complications, mountains of fan mail and general media chores that can get in the way of the serious business of making sure you stay ahead of the chasing pack on the water. When he reached the safety of the Kiteworld chaise lounges, we sorted the poor lad out with a nice cup of tea and a cherry bakewell and managed to get a quick catch up on his latest movements. Here's what the 18 year-old has on his immediate agenda:

"The coming few months are going to pretty hectic for me. The beginning of the season is just around the corner and from now on it's non-stop travelling for pretty much eight months solid, but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!

"I'm in Brighton working with Fatsand who are revamping my website and helping with my online promotion. It's a big mission and I'm sorting through content and checking out the making of aaronhadlow.com along with helping with a new advanced DVD they will be releasing soon. Then in a few days I'm off to Spain for the RedBull KitePunks event. Last year's was so good, but this year's is lining up to be even better. I'm looking forward to hitting some more sliders and kickers!

"But I still can't quite get my head around that fact that I'm going to the Laureus Sports Awards. It's an international sports ceremony taking place in Barcelona with the top sportsmen representing almost every sport. It's amazing to be even nominated for these awards. I'm in the Action Sport category along side guys like Kelly Slater, Travis Pastrana, Shawn White and others. Travis is one person that I've looked up to in extreme sports for so long. To me he is the most extreme rider full stop, is a real inspiration and helps me push my kitesurfing to a new level, so it's crazy to be up alongside him. Michael Schumacher, Roger Federa, Fernando Alonso and Tiger Woods are also coming along, they are in different categories to me but I'm so lucky just to even have the chance to be there with them at a sporting celebration like this, and will be an experience I'm sure I will never forget.

"After that, it's back to the 9-5 and off to Venezuela for the first PKRA event and hopefully get my season off to a good start.
"Thanks for the cuppa chaps, better get back to the grindstone or Rob at Fatsand will have my guts for garters!"
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Added: 2007-03-26

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