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Girls on Tour: Part Two - BKSA Round 3

What an awesome weekend! The more events I go to, the more I love them!
On Saturday, after a bit of a detour due to a wrong turn, I arrived at registration late and missed the riders briefing but luckily it was still OK for me to register. There was no wind, so we were basically on standby and there was a riders briefing at about 11am - until then we were just waiting for wind to pick up and had a bit of time to chill out. Four girls had registered in the ladies amateurs - me, Sheryl, Holly and Sarah - so the plan was for the four of us all to go up against each other at the same time and do a 'best of three'.
BKSA Hunstanton
While we were waiting for the wind we headed off for some breakfast and when we got back there was still no wind and it was crazy how much it was raining! Glenn (head beach marshal) was driving the judging box/trailer down to the beach so i jumped onboard, A-Team style and got a lift down to the beach. Just after we arrived and the guys had connected up the power for the trailer, the heavens opened and the rain was beating down. I was quite tired from the drive up the night before so had a power kip in the event Land Rover on the beach.

F-One Bandits
My power kip did me the world of good and I was on fire! When I woke up the sun was beginning to come out, the wind was kicking in (a bit!) and everyone started pumping up kites. Last week I finalised a sponsorship deal with F-One, which is really awesome! So I got two new F-one Bandit kites through Session1 - a 6.5m and 11m, to add to the 9m Bandit I already had. It was so cool to have my family of F-One Bandits on the beach, so I took a picture of them! It's so exciting! My F-one Acid board is coming next week, when the F-one team get back from holiday in Madagascar!
The sun was breaking through the clouds and the day was turning out to be a beauty! We decided to go out for a kite then either go straight in to our heat or come back in depending how we were for time. When we launched our kites, it was really light so we went out on our biggest kites. I could feel the wind picking up and just before our heat the wind had picked up a good 10 knots! I was super-powered and didn't have time to go in and change so had to just make do! It was reading 25 knots so I really should have been on my 9m but hey! It would have been too risky going back in with 20 minutes to go before the start of our heat, so Debbie (from Kiteworld!) landed my kite and gave me a hand walking upwind, so I was ready to enter the judging box at the most upwind point. Debs took my bar and board and I took my kite. (Thanks Debs - you're a legend!)
ImageAs the heat before ours started, I got out on the water to warm up and make sure I was ready. When the red flag was raised we knew it was the end of the last heat and we had three minutes to the start of ours. The red flag was lowered one minute before the start, then the green flag was raised and the clock started ticking.
Most the girls were way over-powered so we were all in the same situation, and just had to do the best we could. I really wanted to try a few new tricks I had been working on but it was just too crazy and so hard to even hold an edge! So I did my usual stuff, which I know I can land, and played it safe. The conditions were too tough for trying anything new, so I did quite a few big front loops with grabs - some felt quite high, but it's easy to go big when you're over-powered!
BKSA party
I won the first heat and our second heat was meant to be later in the day, so we all got changed. After hanging out at the beach all day it turned out our 2nd/3rd heats were going to be carried over to the Sunday, along with a lot of other heats and the finals.
It was such a nice, warm sunny evening so we all had a few drinks and watched the live band in the marquee as the sun set. The band was awesome and it was a wicked night hanging out and chatting to everyone - it was very funny...come along if you wanna see what the parties are like!
The next day, the wind was on and off all day, and it was raining on and off too which seemed to mess with the wind a bit! They started running heats but had to put the comp on standby a few times (when black flags are raised) because the wind died off completely at times. Rain-squalls were pretty frequent, but eventually they ran our 2nd heat at about 5 o'clock. I had gone out on my 9m Bandit because when the squalls came through it was strong and I didn't want to get caught out like yesterday! Anyway, by the time we went out the wind died off but, again, it was too late to change! I guess in these situations where the wind is flukey, you have to choose a size, and hope you get lucky! You win some you lose some i guess. So anyway we all went out under-powered, some more than others, and tried to do some tricks, but it was a struggle, we had no power in our kites.
After our heat they stopped the competition because it was getting late and the wind was pretty lame.
ImageJust before prize-giving, I was told I had won both heats so I finished first overall for that event! I was so happy! I have been wanting to do competitions, and get good enough to do comps for a good two years now, so it is really awesome to be doing it now and finishing top three, and getting a reward for all those rainy, gusty, cold sessions you have to have occasionally! There was a small stage in the marquee and each top three finishers had to go up and shake the Mayor's hand, have a photo taken and you get given your bag of prizes - I got a belt, jacket, towel, and few other things!
After prize-giving most people had to leave quite soon to get home - some guys were staying because the next event at Skegness is this following weekend, so those guys that had the week off stuck around for the week up there, as they are quite close to each other.
So at about 7.30pm I said goodbye to everyone, got in my car and headed south. I would love to have stayed up there - there are some wicked guys on the tour, and we all get on really well. I was gutted I had to leave but only one more week until the next one, Round 4 at Skeggy! More from me then!
Josie is sponsored by:
F-One Kites (www.f-onekites.com)
Session1 (www.session1.com)
Grasshopper Porridge (www.teamgrasshopper.co.uk)
Island Surf (www.islandsurf.co.uk)
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