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Flexifoil - 2008 Kites

Flexifoil Ion3 KiteThe Ion3 retains the versatility the range is recognised for, maximising any wind conditions, whatever the discipline, leaving you feeling in control. A massive wind range means the kite delivers more de-power, an aggressively responsive performance and faster turns. You'll get the added confidence to ride higher and harder, simply through the kite's level of controllable performance. The Ion3 is due for global release in March.
Sizes: 7, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5, 14.5, 16.5m
Want to know what's under the bonnet of the first ever pro-model kite?
The power, precision, stability and speed of the Hadlow Pro are the key elements that make it the best freestyle kite I have ever flown.' Aaron Hadlow 4 x PKRA World Champion There you have it, but here's the skinny: An ultra-thin leading edge (LE) tube increases the speed through the window and therefore the manoeuvrability of the kite. The struts are all set towards the tips, providing a real driving turn by keeping the first two sail panels stiff near the wing-tip so there's no deformation. Whether in Hadlow Pro 4-line mode or the standard 5-line mode, the ultra-thin kite LE is supported in the centre section by two lines that help to maintain the correct shape and increase the kite's power production. Two four metre extensions are attached to the front lines, so the tow point of the kite is less effected when the kite is loaded up, thereby keeping the grunt in the kite while large wing-tips increase the turn-rate. That's just for starters...and as this kite is designed for Hadlow's abuse, you know it's a beefed up mother trucker and can stand up to anything. Pros and rev heads only...
Sizes: 7, 9, 11 and 13m


These Flexifoil kites featured in Issue #32
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