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Felix gets Eclipsed

Felix Pivec signs for Eclipse - www.eclipsekiteboarding.com The transfer window opened during the Christmas holidays and Dimitri Maramenides pulled the strings to a fantastic new signing. We've featured this performance-perfectionist Aussie wave machine frequently in Kiteworld, simply because he rides hard, believes in what he does and eats, sleeps and breathes carrying kitesurfing in waves forward with impeccable style.
We reckon between Dimitri's uncontainable mastery of every kiteboarding style and Felix's brash belief in the way waves should be ridden, a mean partnership has just been formed.
Stay locked to Kiteworld and Kiteworldmag.com for more news.
Kiteworld issue 27 online for free - www.kiteworldmag.com/digital-back-issues/kiteworld-mag-issue-27/ You can read an exclusive Felix Pivec profile penned by Jeff Pfeffer, highlighting Felix's unique ability in waves and revealing the techniques he uses for free now in KW issue #27 online by clicking here .

Project Live Cover issue - she's a special one... www.kiteworld.tv/project-live-cover/ Felix was the star of our Project Live Cover for issue #35 . Watch the shooting of the cover by clicking here .
Check out Felix's profile on the Eclipse website by clicking here

1. Pivers pops up in Bilderback Productions' excellent film debut, Lines. View the trailer here.
2. Before his piece in that DVD, he'd also pulled an appearance in Spare Change. You can't stop him. Click here for the filth
3. He then realised it was all about losing the straps. This is his first video letting it hang loose in Hawaii. Click here for the strapless shenanigans
4. Elliot Leboe knew what was going on and also called on Felix's services in Future This. Click this!
5. Flowing through manoeuvres with even flow and forward drive, this is In Trim. Click here from the video that backed up issue #27
6. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Perhaps you can. Click here to find out more

Added: 2009-01-29

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