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Christophe Martin becomes Ambassador to GKF

Christophe Martin becomes Ambassador to GKF
The Global Kiter Foundation is honored to welcome Christohe Martin to our Ambassador's team. Christophe has developed equipment enabling people with disabilities to ride in the water and he is the first paraplegic person to ride on his own.
Addicted to sports from an early stage in his life, he started surfing at the age of 7, windsurfing at 10, waterskiing, sailing, paragliding and practiced a number of other sports. He was among the first to start kiteboarding as early as 1997. Even though he managed his career as a marketing and sales manager for important french companies, his heart always lay in sports.

A mountain bike accident that left him paraplegic in 2002 opened new routes as a sportsman. Since 2005, he is in charge of developing the activities for people with disabilities with the French Federation (FFVL) and is the first paraplegic to become an independent kiter. His work has opened routes to many other activities for people with disabiltieis, allowing the community to experience the trhill of various water and airal sports.
In his new role as Ambassador, Christophe joined GKF's clinic held from the 23 to the 28th of June 2012 in Athens, Greece at the Karavi beach club. The work carried out by Global Kiter Foundation for people with disabilities is to help them reach new levels of independence and skills and to unite the community. GKF also helps volunteers and instructors participate in the activity by sharing knowledge and key skills necessary to teach PWD safely and efficiently. Christophe brings with him years of experience and development, and is a great support to the Foundation.
Christophe is sponsored by Cabrihna Kites (French team), Julbo, Vade Retro, Fondation Mallet, Go Pro.
The Global Kiter Foundation is a non-profit Foundation that uses kiteboarding to enrich the lives of people with physical disabilities and underprivileged youth throughout the world teaching new skills and independence.
Visit www.globalkiter.com for more info or contact info@globalkiter.com.
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Read an interview with Global Kite Foundation founder, Sandrine Werner, in Kiteworld issue #58, out early July. More info and to subscribe, click here.
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