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Cabrinha Quest Announced

Cabrinha Quest

You may recognise Offshore Odysseys as the awesome two-some Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald who for the last five years have run the Best Odyssey kiteboarding expedition as they have written columns and taken amazing images that have appeared regularly in Kiteworld. As that expedition has come to an end, a mutual desire to seek out the world's most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations, while building awareness and inspiring solutions to the environmental crisis has culminated into a five year agreement between Cabrinha and Offshore Odysseys. The expedition is called the Cabrinha Quest.

Each segment of the Cabrinha Quest expedition is available to the public and can be booked through the www.offshoreodysseys.com website. The schedule and information can be found here.

Offshore Odyssey CEO and Founder Gavin McClurg explains, "Offshore Odysseys began from a simple need to see what was beyond the horizon. Circumnavigating the earth providing remote sailing, kitesufing, and surfing charters provides that opportunity. Exploration remains at the heart of why we continue to wander. But over the past decade and a half of our travels, sailing every ocean and dozens of the worlds seas, it has become clear that our model is no longer sustainable. So, we are taking a "cradle to cradle" approach with every decision in our operation. Our goal to operate at a carbon neutral low impact mandaite is just the beggining of this quest."

"I'm very excited to be a part of this journey. Ever since my first trip aboard Gavin's Discovery 3 years ago, I've been intrigued by the idea of seeking out kitesurfing and surfing locations off the beaten path. The Cabrinha Quest will now provide an attainable way to satisfy this curiosity for anyone who has a drop of adventure in their blood. The fact that this can be done in complete luxury with minimal impact to the environment is a huge bonus" says Pete Cabrinha.

The Cabrinha Quest is a seafaring expedition to seek out the world's most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations. A quest to experience native cultures in their natural state. To consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit. To build awareness, global concern, and inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.

To learn more visit www.cabrinhakites.com or www.offshoreodysseys.com

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Added: 2012-04-25

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