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BKSA Round 2: 2009

Pro Mens:

1st- Sam Light - Naish, Monster, Oneil
2nd- Luke Whiteside- North
3rd- James Boulding- Liquid force

Pro Women:
1st- Jo Wilson- Naish, NPX
2nd- Helen Tompson- North
3rd Hannah Whitely- JB

1st Dan Sweeney- Cabrinha, NPX, Monster
2nd Ollie Bridge- Edge
3rd Tom Bridge- Edge

The BKSA Round 2Littlehampton based kitesurfer Dan Sweeney shares his thoughts on the Second Round of the BKSA in Hunstanton, Norfolk: So after a pretty windy event at Swansea, I was hoping for another good event but with a little less wind to get some wakestyle moves down. Me and my dad left home in Littlehampton at 3:30am to make sure we were there nice and early. It was a nice and fast drive to Hunny, only taking three and a half hours. After a nice sleep I was keen to compete. But typically there was no wind forecast and the pro's weren't able to run on Friday so we were all hoping for some wind so we wouldn't have a tupidly busy and late day on Sunday.

Saturday didn't really kick off, after registration at half nine most of the pros were still in bed trying to recover after the night out. A bunch of the juniors were messing around on the trampolines showing off there moves. After a few hours that were getting a bit boring a few kites finally came out. But the dead offshore 4mph wind wasn't looking too good. Around midday it was time for Ali Readers', Ex Vauxhall, scrap wood slider to come out. It looked pretty good and well built and we were keen to hit it. After a bit of bribing, Colin and Eric were happy to get the Ski's out and for us to session the slider. Ali went for it first and had a good hit. My turn! Was a bit nervous as I haven't had too much experience behind a ski and was a bit different to the cable but it was good, got a real kick on the start and a smooth press on the flat section. Two hits later and there were loads of people in the water wanting a go and that was pretty much it for the day.

Saturday evening ended with some good food from the sailing club, a fireworks show and police everywhere! Apart from the lack of wind, it was a good day!

During Saturday afternoon there was a quick riders briefing just to see if there was potential for Sunday to get some competition done. The forecasts were looking a bit better and looked like we were going to get some heavy rain during the night and bringing some wind in, but hopefully not killing it for the rest of the day.

Briefing was at 8:30am Sunday, much to everyone's disappointment, a lie in was going to be impossible. I got a nice eight hours sleep so I wasn't too bothered with the early start.

Once I was woken up by my mega loud Muse alarm tune I jumped out of my sleeping bag to check out the wind. It had cleared up loads since the night and was looking quite promising. After the biggest bacon, egg, sausage and tomato sarnie I was totally for competing. So we headed down to the riders meeting.

Pretty much due to the high tide up until 1:30pm we planned to head around three miles south to another beach to get the pro's done. From then we would head back to Hunstanton to complete the rest of the categories with the out going tide.Dan Sweeney

I was real keen to get out so after about an hour of watching I headed out with Tom Butler to kick off the day. I just wanted to go out to satisfy my dose of kiting to make sure I was mentally and physically ready to compete. I headed out on the 11 metre 2010 Cabrinha Nomad which got some great comments and it was pretty much perfect. It was up and down for the first few hours but I was happy with my consistency of what I was landing.
The Pro's put up a great show for everyone and a big shout to Ali Barrett who done possibly the biggest kiteloop pass I have ever seen on his 13 metre. Sam light, James Boulding, Ned Taylor and Luke Whiteside stood out the most to me for there consistency. And that obviously reflected on the results.

Once the Pro men and Women events had almost finished the tide was quickly heading out so the BKSA decided to go back to sunny Hunny!

I done a little downwinder to Hunstanton which was pretty fun, but we weren't alone! There was a load of seals!

After beating all the vans back to Hunstanton the wind had dropped a bit more and the beach was pretty crowded. But soon enough the wind was picking up in full force ready for some action. After running around like a headless chicken to get my nine and seven Nomad for the increasing wind out the car it wasn't long before the heats were on, with the Juniors on around 500 meters upwind of the beach where as the rest of the pros were being run straight in front of the venue.

I know I had a hard few heats ahead of me, with the wind not very consistent I knew I had to pull it together, either overpowered on my nine metres or underpowered on my eleven metres against a five stone grom. I won all my heats but the final was real tough against Oli Bridge and his younger brother, they were both riding seven metres and were fairly powered up. Where as I was quite the opposite on my 11 metre. I knew I had to get right in the judges faces to pull it off and there was no room for mistakes. A few moments later after the semi's the finals was over so quickly, but we weren't to be told the results until the prize giving.

The organizers were quite relentless throughout the day wanting to get the heats done, and black flagging the heats was not very likely due to at least one junior being powered because they weighed no less then a pencil.

Overall from no wind and slider action, to perfect 11 metre weather and then to light conditions, the event was another cracker. Although the Amateur men and ladies were not run, the event was still good fun.

I'm sure everyone enjoyed the weekend, so thanks again to the BKSA crew for a good event.

Right, enough of my jibber jabber, I'm off for a session to get ready for Round three!

See you all at Barrow!



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