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Alex Pastor began his campaign to put an end to a run of three consecutive runner-up positions with a win at the first event of 2013 in Dakhla, Morocco last weekend. We have a big interview with World Champion Youri Zoon coming up in issue #63 out in May, and when we mentioned to him that Alex would be trying hard to end his current run of seconds, Youri gave a sneaky grin and said he hoped he could make it four... but the Dutchman will have to step up his game a bit after battling his way back up the doubles after being disqualified in the single elimination against Luis Hutter. Did you see it? What do you think? Check the video here:

Youri eventually battled his way up to third but couldn't beat powerful Kiwi Marc Jacobs who made it to the final but couldn't beat Alex. Here's the double elimination action video... and it seems Youri needs to lose a bit of weight...

Karolina Winkowska was perhaps a surprise winner for many of last year's championship with her late charge at the end of the season, but she's not letting up and took the win in Dakhla with Gisela Pulido in second and Bruna Kajiya in third. The girls will run and run all season we reckon... and it'll be fun to watch!

Meanwhile the PKRA won their right to hold wave events once again and held their first wave event of the season off a nice point in Dakhla. Some really good conditions came through and eventually the Langerees ended up on top of the men's and women's ladders! Jalou is the current KSP World Champion, so look out for her aiming to retain her title later in the year, while her brother Kevin is a true iron man of kiteboarding. We watched him shred waves in Cape Town all winter and he absolutely rips. As well as competing in the PKRA freestyle, he is also entering the KSP World Championship we just heard. An immense season coming up for him.

All the latest PKRA news goes up on the homepage of Kiteworldmag.com but for the official licks head here: www.prokitetour.com


The IKA announced their full list of riders to compete on this year's 2013 world wave tour.
Here's the list of events for this year, and you can see there are two new venues at rounds two and three:

ROUND 1: Guincho, Portugal: 27 June ? 6 July
ROUND 2: Gran Canaria, Spain: 24 July ? 2 August
ROUND 3: Shacks, Puerto Rico: 31 October ? 9 November
ROUND 4: Maui, Hawaii: 22 November ? 1 December

Click here for the full list of riders that will be competing in 2013:



The 2013 African kite course race championships are taking place this week in Soma Bay, Egypt. After the qualifying rounds, Italian Riccardo Lecesse leads the men into the gold medal fleet and Steph Bridge from the UK the women, although the women will continue to race as one fleet, rather than separating the best performers as happens in the men's.

Check out the action in this round up video from yesterday (day 2) and see how fast they are going in just 7 ? 11 knots!

A total of €20,000 in prize money is up for grabs as well as important points for the IKA course racing world ranking to qualify for the 2013 world championships.



East Coast Overdose Part 3 The Slider Cut

East Coast Overdose Part 3 The Slider Cut from Best Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

Sixty days of filming, shredding, and more beer then a frat party can serve up in a year. Here it is the final chapter of East Coast Overdose. Shot in full HD with the cannon 7d. Check it out as Chris Bobryk, Sam Medysky, Craig Cunningham, and Eric Rienstra kill it in the final days of the windy season in Brazil.


Here's a collection of things that caught our attention online or in the inbox this week. Mail editor@kiteworldmag.com:


California shredder Josh Neff got in touch recently with a bunch of shots, including this one. He says he's been working on his strapless aerial height a lot recently and assures us he landed this one.
Good skills Josh! www.sckitesurfing.com


Abe Alzouman runs SuperKiteDay ? a collective of snowkite, kitesurf and kite landboarders all about having a great day under a kite. Abe took advantage of the recent heavy snow in the UK and made his way to Scotland for a session:

'I just got back from a last min snowkite trip to Scotland which was great fun, I got a call from an old kitesurf student friend of mine and he invited me to come take advantage of the heavy snow that was forecast up there. We went from talking about it to being there and riding within 24 hours. On the first we had a great session on this big huge field, the farmer was so nice and gave us permission to ride. I had my kite tracker on so it was fun to see what i did once we went back to the house we were staying at.


'The second day was the best and most challenging, we struggled to get up the hill at one point and almost did not make it a few times! I had to get out and push even though we were armed with some great winter snow tyres. There were some very sketchy roads getting up the mountain but we finally made it and found this great hill to ride. Within a minute I was at the summit, the snow was good enough to ride and jump in and was interesting terrain, including a few big boulders. I wanted to explore some more areas so I nipped over a cattle grid onto the next spot. On one of my runs up the hill I saw a rabbit running along side me. It was a shame I didn't have my GoPro with me for this trip, I was not expecting any bright conditions at all with what was forecast but there was one moment where the clouds broke above me and it was a Super Kite Day moment for sure. It was a great free ride and I really enjoyed seeing Scotland. I would love to go visit in the summer to try out some of the incredible landkiting fields I saw out there!'

Check out Abe's videos at: www.youtube.com/darkhunterso16


Lee Tallon is a photographer working his way up the Kiteworld ranks having started off submitting images to our Readers' Gallery section. His work caught our attention and we expect to be seeing some really good stuff coming from this Cornish man this season.

Here's an example of his work. This is Ocean Rodeo rider Craig Smith with a moody grab in early winter. We have another story from Craig saved up for next time, although it's a little more gruesome.

Send your readers' gallery entries to: readers@kiteworldmag.com you could win a Cabrinha goody bag!


Annabel Van Westerop was signed by Cabrinha last year and the 19-year-old has made prolific appearances on the web ever since, posting interesting things such as this strange crab-like image. Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and she will be competing on the PKRA world tour this year. You will certainly hear more from Annabel very soon...


Damien Leroy is another rider who keeps himself busier than most. If he's on the water, and he usually is, he's filming / shooting something. He's currently working on a video project with fellow Floridians Matt Collins and Evan Netsch. The boys built a ramp on the sand and decided to session it with a boogie board. This is Matt Collins who apparently has a heritage on the foamies. We're not sure this will catch on though... Look out for Damo's video coming soon:


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