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2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge Confirmed

The 2010 Luderitz Speed Challenge has been confirmed to be held between the 4th and 31st of October this year. Many world records have been broken during the first three Luderitz Speed Challenges, and it's played a vital role in kiteboarders attaining top ranking in Speed Sailing.
The event has proved its credibility each year, and steps are being taken to further increase the potential of the run by improving the water state to maximise what '2nd Lagoon' has to offer.
At the 2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge, a canal was dug which opened up a world of possibilities. It proved to be an amazing idea, as it created a near perfect water state that allowed kiters to go faster than ever before in less wind (40 knots max)! What's more impressive is that the canal was only three meters wide ? ten times narrower than the canal at 'Les Saintes Marie de la Mer' in France, where Antoine Albeau set the fastest windsurfing time of 49.09 knots.
A look back at the last couple of years shows some history and records that have surely only scratched the surface of the sport:
In 2008 kiteboarding became the fastest craft of the water, and also became the first to break the 50 knot barrier. A whopping 18 national records were set this year and every competitor improved on their own personal records.
In 2009 Alex Caizergues set the kiteboarding world speed record ? 50.98 knots! Unfortunately though he fell just short of the overall record set by the technologically advanced French titan, 'L'Hydropt?re' ? setting the present record of 51.36 knots.
All eyes will be on this years event to see if the kitesurfers can beat L'Hydropt?re at its own game. Or perhaps there will be another twist in the proceedings? Whatever happens, surely come this October we're in for a heck of a speed treat!

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