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1st Newsflash from PKRA final in New Cal

Youri Zoon waiting for his kit at PKRA New Caledonia 09Our woman on-the-ground, the intrepid Jessica 'Ron Burgundy' Shell will be reporting from the front line for us all this week from the final event of the PKRA season in New Caledonia. Here's her first newsflash:
Its registration day and the wind is blowing 30+. All the competitors are on the water getting in some last minute freeriding, before the grand opening tomorrow. They will be preparing themselves and adapting their riding style to the location and wind conditions. The forecast is not looking fantastic for the whole week, looks like we will only have wind for 3 days of the comp. It should start tomorrow and then they will need to squeeze all the heats into the days that we have.
Youri Zoon has been hit with a set back, having arrived into New Cal with no sign of his kit. It is looking like he might have to borrow some equipment just to compete at least. However in his bag would have been a specific knee brace, harnesses, board, kites... everything. So its not looking great for Youri. Given that any of the top three could win its looking like its now looking like the smart money is going to be on Aaron and Kevin to going head-to-head.
The suspense is killing me till tomorrow over and out from your Anchor Woman in New Cal.
British champion and current PKRA World Title holder Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil) remains on top of the overall ranking with 2,540 points and is more enthusiastic than ever to win his sixth straight world title. Hadlow won the men's Freestyle events in France and Fuerteventura but came in third place in Germany after losing to two Dutch riders, Youri Zoon (Slingshot) and Kevin Langeree (Naish) in the finals.
Langeree won the German tour stop and trails Hadlow in the world rankings with 2,454 points overall. The Dutch champion is focused more focussed than ever on winning his first ever World Title. Both Langeree or Zoon needs to win the New Caledonia event in order to capture the PKRA World Title. There are no other options.
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